Updated 2/14/16 w/ delivery info + pricing changes

Open Hours:

 Monday - Thursday:   11:00am -   9:00pm
 Friday: 11:00am -10:00pm
 Saturday: 11:00am  -   9:30pm
 Sunday & Holidays:

$25 DELIVERY MINIMUM (subtotal) + $3 FEE  + 10ยข SF Bag 

 Phone:   (415) 431-3930
 *Fax:   (415) 863-7553
*Please include your order, address, and phone number in your fax.
To be sure, please give a quick call to confirm your fax.


We're a long-established restaurant in Downtown San Francisco that's eager to serve our customers.

FUOY 2 by Yelp.com

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